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Sharing some of my Playlist with you; Enjoy! Playlist of my most played songs in 2016 Playlist of my most played songs in 2017 Balance Your World, Balance Within! Enjoy Yourself, It is later than you think! Fantasy is not escaping reality; it is a way to understand it! Songs

Elderly and Aging in America Video

Significant Other Project

Look for the partner that helps you tear down your walls; the one who makes you feel awake… alive; and like anything is possible! Falling in love is hard; especially when you have fallen pretty hard and far from “love” before. The greatest realization when you begin to have feelings

Attention Ladies 18-25 yrs old

Attn: Are you or do you know a young lady between the age 18-25! This is a very important time in your life, transitioning from a teen to a young lady isn’t easy in this world. Come join others as we discuss the possibility of being comfortable in our own

ATTN SIRs in America

Tattoos=bad girls+good girls, Women, Double standard, Videos, Blogging!

I got my first tattoo about six years ago on my birthday!  My best friend Gustavo suggested a tattoo artist named Joe Al.  I wanted to pick someone who was not only professional in their artistic design; but someone who I was sure was awesome with colors, angles, precision, proportions,

circle of frustration

I am too much, I always look like the answer, I am the excitement one longed for; it is fast, surreal, and motivating but then as I become familiar you allow the darkness back in.  The darkness that you once allowed me to suppress; you, it wasn’t me; you gave

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