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2017 Love …Capturing the Memories~

Love= Hurts vs. Mends

Love doesn’t hurt! Love is where we all came from. Love is trying to understand another person’s language When all you hear is … %^$#@= “NOTHING” ~ until NOTHING finally becomes…”SOMETHING” you both understand… The reality of “understanding” is, just when you think you finally understand another language you find

Mother’s mend son’s broken hearts!

Son’s need a Mother to help mend their broken heart~  I know as a mother we hold one of the most important jobs in this world and the amazing truth is that we have an indefinite number of job duties that umbrella underneath this very prestigious role.  Each child we

ATTN: To my offsprings boss~

Dear Trudy, I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beds that were donated; what a beautiful gift; you have no idea how much it means to another person to have something so nice; they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to have. I know for

Robert E Lee High School 

July 2015 Petition Keep the name Robert E Lee Interesting review…below http://www.ktsa.com/lee-high-school-situation-just-got-lot-worse/ Source above  The Lee High School Situation Just Got A Lot Worse Former Confederate General, Robert E Lee (1807 – 1870). (Photo by Mathew Brady/Getty Images) Did I just hear her say that? That was my reaction when

Ideas for a weekend with no Gas! 

What are we going to do with no gas? 

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