ATTN: To my offsprings boss~

Dear Trudy, I want to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beds that were donated; what a beautiful gift; you have no idea how much it means to another person to have something so nice; they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to have. I know for

Robert E Lee High School 

July 2015 Petition Keep the name Robert E Lee Interesting review…below Source above  The Lee High School Situation Just Got A Lot Worse Former Confederate General, Robert E Lee (1807 – 1870). (Photo by Mathew Brady/Getty Images) Did I just hear her say that? That was my reaction when

Ideas for a weekend with no Gas! 

What are we going to do with no gas? 

To my Offspring, Mommy says~

It seems from a very young age we begin to discover how difficult, uncomfortable, but yet so exciting, it is to venture out into “the new”…   New~relationships, projects, opportunities, school,  home, friends~ Changes??? The moment I begin to realize my backbone has been strengthened by all those things in

I gave birth to a struggle today~

I gave birth to a struggle today, and left that baby at the firehouse! Music Video Blog Theme~ I always follow my blog stats and my articles talking about God are never big hits, but let me have some hard times and vent and make a fool of myself and

Make up isn’t a filter, it Expresses more than you think!

Blessed each day I take the time on my art; my God-given perfect clean canvas gives me an ability to find my center; then I work it…(colors; lines, shades) No rules in art; no rules~~~~ in makeup; I put on makeup because i love it; not because i feel like I

Focus or Fucus, I decide!

Blog feature Song~ I always questioned Gus when we first met if he really was all he said to be, I made this video in regards to my love and fear… I have had too many experiences with people I allowed into my/our life and they attempted to mess with

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