My Music (shared)

Sharing some of my Playlist with you; Enjoy! Playlist of my most played songs in 2016 Playlist of my most played songs in 2017 Balance Your World, Balance Within! Enjoy Yourself, It is later than you think! Fantasy is not escaping reality; it is a way to understand it! Songs

2019 – Resolution !

2019 – Resolution, think about yours! 2016 I vowed to work on being more “Humble” that was my resolution. I always pray and as I spoke to God with so much determination, I realized he really gives us exactly what we need. I spent the year losing a great job

Which way should I go

Which way should I go~ Where is the road to happy town? Why do I feel so sad and see everyone so sad and struggling? Life isn’t easy & it kicks us in the backside day in and day out, and yes it isn’t fair… And yes I should stop

Love, Touch, and Words

Learning about Love~ you would think we wouldn’t have to learn about love; since we were born loving perfectly; but along the way some things and some people come along the way and make love seem so deranged.  Our parents or primary caregivers are usually the living models about what

REBOUND, I want more!

For all the bishes that call REBOUND; that word has become one of the most miraculous words I have yet known; and if this is rebound ~~~~ give me more!!!!!!! It has almost been 6 months that I decided to leave the relationship with Gus; it was hard because we

Football and Dallas Cowboys ;*

When ever my kids comment It makes me think, because their opinions and insight matter. This was a post I put up on Facebook talking minor smack about our Cowboys, finally getting a win. But my daughter’s response, who I considers knows me best caught me off guard…. You don’t

Feeling it now

End of Chapter

So I spent 2016-2017 fighting on the daily…with obstacle after obstacle, upset after upset, betrayal, abandonment, and creative chaos. Everything about my life had been exciting, it was always about me being flung over the highest height which always left me breathless dangling from an even weaker and weaker bungee

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