Writing, Psychology, & Trust

Music and Video theme for this blog ~ Writing can be difficult at times, if I am given an assignment my role as an author is to write about my knowledge, facts, or feelings at times about what I currently know, understand, and or think about the topic; in an

Happy birthday Luis 


When you give someone the power to get close, come inside and watch the aura of your 🔥… and they throw water on it and put it out…it’s a sad feeling leaving you questioning everything, even humor… u feel so sad inside as if you’re your not just incomplete, your

DECEPTion ~n~ RELATion

People.  We are each a unique soul that exists in this world! Life~is a problem; it is NOT the solution. We are created~ We create~  We learn~ as we observe~ We Experiment~ Along the way we get screwed~   or misCONStrued!  Life hurts at times, I mean sometimes just getting

#live in the moment, in the breath! #having #anxiety

2017 Love …Capturing the Memories~

Love= Hurts vs. Mends

Love doesn’t hurt! Love is where we all came from. Love is trying to understand another person’s language When all you hear is … %^$#@= “NOTHING” ~ until NOTHING finally becomes…”SOMETHING” you both understand… The reality of “understanding” is, just when you think you finally understand another language you find

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