My Music (shared)

Sharing some of my Playlist with you; Enjoy! Playlist of my most played songs in 2016 Playlist of my most played songs in 2017 Balance Your World, Balance Within! Enjoy Yourself, It is later than you think! Fantasy is not escaping reality; it is a way to understand it! Songs

My children, these days…

As parents we can be so hard on ourselves, for so many reasons that are completly unnecessary and benefit no one ! We need to realize that every single person on this earth, is here on this earth for a distinct purpose, we don’t even know our particular destiny, and

Use your smile to change this world. Don’t let this world change your smile….

Bloom Where you are Planted!

Blog Theme Song: March is here! Taking the plants back outside into the wonderful outside world; so they can be kissed by the sun and be loved in the rain. One of My favorite months is March. The time when everything springs forward, and I always push my brain to

Happy Friday!

So yesterday I made Cornish hens… Little tiny cute 🐣🐔 I stuff with stuffing and butter every 15 min for dinner. 👍 Gus then goes in kitchen and begins to assist me with sides… As he begins to prep our dinner rolls with butter i notice he is dropping a

Happy 10th yr Anniversary permanently exposed!

Happy Anniversary to me & my blog Made for the opportunity to gain an avenue that would allow me to encourage others in all the ways Michele is made of, humor and positive thinking is where I thrive; and work to stay! Sharing personal overcomings can get emotional at

Siblings ! Thank yours today!

God knows what he is doing, yet we question him and beg him for different results in our life. We plead for him to make changes … Be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for him. Psalm 37:7 When my baby girl Miley was struggling to learn her alphabet

Girlfriend Does Boyfriend’s Makeup

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