My Music (shared)

Sharing some of my Playlist with you; Enjoy! Playlist of my most played songs in 2016 Playlist of my most played songs in 2017 Balance Your World, Balance Within! Enjoy Yourself, It is later than you think! Fantasy is not escaping reality; it is a way to understand it! Songs

Love is easy

My test is always really about me and no one else~ So instead of being hurt and damaged and bitter about love; I am grasping it today… this blog is dedicated to all my peeps who I love from my whole soul…. during my hardest times it is love from

Loving, Hurting, Healing, & Learning

And this is my rock, my purpose, my daughter ~

Gladys Gomez RIP

Its hot out/in side but suhhweetttt!

Bullies, Depression, & Suicide

Don’t ever allow anyone to minimize your condition! When are we going to start #caring more? When will there be less #bullying, so many people just trying to survive! Pay attention people #mentalhealth care is crucial! Maintained/Ignored mental health decides your future!!!

Friday night June 8 unravels and then Saturday June 9 packaged beautifully again~RESTORED

I feel so mentally drained tonight! I feel like I am having my own mania parade. It’s been days since I’ve slept peacefully; and I just feel so sad, I’m trying so hard to believe everything is great and will work out; but its so stressful and i feel myself

a VLOG for the innocent

a VLOG for the “innocent” will not be shared on social media sites like Facebook, just yet; and may never be; if you don’t follow my website you won’t see it. It will be on youtube for a short time due to an issue with my sites uploads which I

A Website.