Tomas my other dad

I will never forget the first time you came into my life. I saw this powerful man in such a small shell.   You were so full of life I was afraid you would spring out of this world!  When you talked you didn’t just say what you needed to each word took on a life if it’s own.   The excitement of your language made me want to keep talking to you forever. Your eyes were wild but had such a softness to them that no matter how mad your eyes showed your loving nature took over.


But you were far from soft, only your family made you weak.


You are a strong man who allows nothing to allow you  fear.  What most would fear,  never  phases you.  Tomas=  definite survivor. You always moved so fast and you always proved to me you are brave!

The first time I saw you, you and Jose were fighting and wrestling on the couch, Tempers were everywhere and that is when I knew I had found my home.


I miss the strength of you voice,  the depth of your laugh, and your charming broken English.  You are one of a kind,  only you can make me feel fear and safe at the same time.  There is no doubt in my mind you wouldn’t put your life on the line for your family, I always knew it and I always felt it.   I also knew you emotions were so mighty that they could easily take us all over the edge. But I always trusted you because I knew I could.


Sometimes you would go and disappear into your world, It hurt,  it made us mad,  and we may never understand… But when you came back you gave so much love,  we just had to enjoy you for the moment… Because we needed you.

I loved the fact you knew me the true me,  the good, the bad,  the angry,  the sad,  the sick, the well, the chiflada, the spoiled,  the forgiving , the unforgiving, the sinner,  and the saint 🙂 and you accepted me just as I am- my tough /sweet blend you understood !!!!   I was Michele no matter what !  I was a teenager just becoming an adult when our lives came together, you were the father I needed at that time in my life,  I will forever be grateful.

Thank you for making me so mad and so happy, so sad and so excited – I have no idea how you hold that kind of authority, but you do.  Thank you for being excited about life with me, teaching me it’s OK to eat with your hands because we were eating “food for the gods”,  taking me on numerous journey’s in more than one country 🙂 Thank you for always trying to get a rise out of me whether it was cat calling outside the car just to make me mad,  and I’d yell “Los feos gorditas.”…and you would laugh and laugh.

All the years you were gone I never ceased to write, send pics,  and I was always there for you even if I was alone at your court hearings because I wanted you to know how much I love and respect you.  I hope you know wherever you are that I accept you just the perfect way you are,  because you did it for me!

Michele Renee

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