Will u recognize me?


Call my name?
or walk on by?

Don’t You Forget About Me

When the time comes as it surely will, when I complete “the” grand task the great Lord has put me on this earth to complete… I will be gone ~
 image                I am so excited I will be going home

 I will be running/flying to heaven like a bat outta hell! 👻

I wonder how old I will be, I wonder how old my kids will be.

I know I will be at peace and I will be waiting to see you again, when it’s your time to come home.
image Thinking about me leaving this world places me in a different mode more aware of my missed moments with those i care for.  I’m usually flighty, giggly, and dreamy I tend to live in my perfect fantasy world.


The truth is the moment maybe shorter than expected, none of us know when Or how it “death” will happen. I know when I think about it the main feeling I have at this moment is… Realizing the importance of my time with those so dear to me. My kids, significant other… all the people who mean the world to me I wish we could all leave at the same/exact time, together!  ~ I Hope my loved ones are left with a sweet smile and maybe a little breathless laughter with the memories of me.
I hope they can truly find peace in remembering all the moments we were blessed to have shared with one another.

You+me= laughter, understanding, feeling, and that is the good life
image You know that feeling when you are so freaking content because you feel appreciated and you appreciate all the blessings that surround you.
I never want to be remembered by the state i was in during my more terrible/harder periods in my life. I want to be remembered for my strength that no matter how hard life hits us at times, – we create our own peace of mind.
Just as you have probably had, I too have had more than my share of hard times, those periods that dwell for what seems like sometimes~ forever. You wonder if it’s possible for things to ever get better.
When I began working at Child Protective Services i think the hardest part was not allowing my emotions to get to me so that the job didn’t become my life.  LOL; you know as to not get involved after work hours because I had a life with my family.

After spending my days and many nights with children who are living their days in a way that many would consider is beyond any worst nightmare. You find yourself falling in love with their innocence and their willingness to forgive. You see the soul that has for years been drained of their hope.  You see the way they have adapted to neglect, and put up walls after abandonment.  You see how they lost trust for everyone and you wish you could make their world different in that instance.  You find yourself caring with all you have because it isn’t a job this is another soul.  You care, and they begin to see it… You show them after time you can be accountable; and they learn to trust even if its just for a bit; you realize you are giving them a little love that is in demand!!!!  You care because they matter! They begin to feel they matter…You then realize you have the ability to make another soul feel worthwhile by simply being a friend. Do you see how easy it is to find beauty in even the ugliest circumstances.
~ it’s impossible to say any one of us in this world has it harder than the other… Because the truth of life is, we are all going to get knocked down by others too many times. When I leave this world  if I have convinced my loved ones of some of the greatest truths = it’s still always up to us in the end how we feel.
Every step you take each day, take optimism along with you, that is how you make your happiness a reality!

Know you are the best, know your family is the best, know your friends are the best, and know you deserve only but the best!!!!

Even when we know we are worthy we still always must remember there is always room for growth.  I will continue my days becoming the best “ME” possible.  Currently I am working on, humility.  Reminding myself everyday that I really need to have



More God and less me!


Even though I am the best me possible; you are the best YOU.  I really don’t understand how women can be so competitive with each other.  When I see a woman achieve it makes me happy; it paves the way for many more women to be great.  WE need to let go of animosity toward others and what they have vs. what you have; just stop competing.  We have hate in this world because we allow it! Look at all the things you don’t like and make a positive difference about it.  If my loved ones realize they have the ability to make a Difference, that is the only way a difference will be made.

If I had to believe my time was near… I’d say I’d leave a legacy of people who know that I am on their side 😀

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