Art, Get lost today!


Thankfully I’ve yet to see both of us “lost” at the same time unless we get lost together. 

I tend to get lost more often than he…  And when I  do,  I am gone for days or weeks absorbed in feelings, emotions, ideas, a vacation to the past.
Coming home with souvenirs of memories, that powerfully divulge parts of our soul that we can hardly escape from.  Lessons to be learned that weren’t meant to be understood until the moment an opened eye can completely comprehend.

He misses me, I’ve been gone far away too long for his comfort…  But it’s sooo completely necessary, for when I arrive the new me will be blossomed in ways the heart can only see. 

A joy radiates from my being because I feel a completeness, everyone can see it, I am aware how they respond.  A few have the desire to gravitate toward the true glow,  but more are scared because it’s in contrast to the norm.  A peacefulness fills the soul and doesn’t mind those who can’t understand. Full of enough understanding of my own how can I judge when I am abundant. The soul can forgive that others are not quite there yet~everyone has their own time.

Full of love for all beings because their inner glow is apparent.  It’s frightening at times because also sensed is the darkness that manipulates the power of the glowing flame.
Michele Renee

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