Jack My Sweet Dog~Rest in Peace


Our dog Jack

It was 2003, Marisa was 6 years old; I had been trying for years to have another child; I had suffered from numerous miscarriages, I finally made it passed the dreaded 12 week mark; so I was excited this baby would be here. I was devastated, I lost the baby; and the same day I lost the baby I found out my step-mom and father would be having a baby of their own. I struggled with so many emotions; I decided I wanted to do something spontaneous to ease the pain. I drove out of town, and went and bought a puppy from a farm. Jack was a blue lacey; the personality of the dog was perfect. I wouldn’t be able to give Marisa a sibling; but I would give her a cool dog; who could herd sheep; even if we didn’t have any. 🙂



Jack is a blue lacy, the Official dog breed of Texas. We are Texas and Proud!!


Jack is very protective, he is a great running partner!

Jack was always my dog; after his arrival many laughs were shared at all his cute puppy behavior; he was extremely intelligent and we spent many weeks of doggy training with him. He would do so many tricks; and my favorite I would make him dance in a circle. Jack also brought good luck with him; I was pregnant again; and would give birth to a baby boy on December 27, 2004.

Jack was there during my toughest struggles; when my marriage was falling apart; and I would set out and run! I would run and cry for hours; and there was Jack by my side; often times when I felt I had no one I knew Jack was there and cared… I could see it in his eyes.


  Marisa and Jack after a 6 mile run; he was ready for more…

Today, Jack passed away; I spent a good time today; crying, emotional and just sad. Sad how I wish I could give Jack some of the support back that he gave me. I Love you Jack! You were an awesome dog.

image  imageimage

Michele Renee

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  1. Auntie says:

    Jack..you will be missed.

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