My expressions are set free …

My expressions are many, I tend to spend my days thinking of the newest “outlet” how the current expression will be set free!

Expressions are unique and stem from one of a kind experiences that not one soul could quite comprehend, unless they lived in my consciousness were all thoughts and beliefs were developed.

During the process of my creation there are numerous levels of Understanding vs. Confusion Sometimes I feel I am releasing a dozen caged birds

and sometimes I can’t explain what it is I am setting free, i just feel a part of me leave that I won’t ever feel quite the same.

It can be an uncomfortable process, some days i just want to believe I am done, while other days it makes me hate myself that I continue to think way too much.
In hind site the journey itself is sometimes more powerful than the end result. Its during the journey you find what you need.

Some days I fight frustration, anger, denial… And keep forcing myself to continue~

and other days I get that awesome “aha moment” when I can’t seem to pull myself away.

I share my expressions with all who bother to notice because the process is strong and effective, It works.

Working through feelings no matter how uncomfortable they are leads to understanding of behavior’s. I feel someone can work through their own struggles understanding just a part of mine. I would never expect anyone to fully understand my writings, pictures, etc because they are another human in another place, far away from me and where I am or have been.

My pictures, writings, blogs, videos, ect… Belong to no ONE because no one person has the right to “own” them because they don’t live with my feelings that were captured or conveyed. Yet they belong to anyone for the taking for I have set them free, I have made the choice to no longer own them. I will share my thoughts to encourage you to try to understand your own feelings, and in some ways we are all just a little one in the same.

The process is intimate, much more intimate than the final result, sometimes the result will prove that and sometimes it will go unnoticed by all the clueless people in the world who don’t take the time to think and analyze.

In the end … It really is all about doing it for me…to keep my own soul free…

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