Florida High School Shooting & Mental Illness

A big helpful secret, is the moment you can, allow yourself to laugh.  Try to laugh more and then share laughter; that is where I personally always find peace while I heal!
Concentrate on why I am still here, even though a big part of me is gone or changed; I am here for a reason; and the reason may not be revealed to me, but I have unique gifts; we all do; that God has given us.  My gift is to Create~ allow my imagination and unique talents take me down a positive avenue  to therapeutically heal.  I love music, taking pics, editing pics, making videos, those things  make me happy!  I need to do what makes me happy for myself; and no one else.  It’s a heartfelt treat when I realize I am helping others while doing what I love though…. that cannot be denied!
Music~A song I felt + Pics/Memories+My edits=My video!
Don’t allow anyone to live in your head ! Don’t give anyone the power to change your mood!
Message+Music+Humor+Video= It’s mine 🙂



 I love you!

*Michele Renee <3

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