Mother’s Day 2018


Those perfectly imperfect beings are my kids!

This is me, I am mom 🙂 above all other things~


Mother’s day often reminds me of my struggle break … for years my identity was being an awesome mom! There was so much more there, the broken child, the mended woman, the forgotten sister, the loyal friend who is often misunderstood, the grandchild who reminds you of all your years you try to forget, the daughter who has a rebellious heart but all gold and whose love is genuine but that curiosity of hers has kept your fist clenched from fear, the badbutt chic who fears very little and always has your back, the obsessive soul who can’t get her mind off the latest distraction, the faithful one who loves God and has faith ones can’t understand, the lover -to one and only the the partner in love forever, the honest, emotional wild one who will always leave you guessing and of all still one of my favorite roles is mama, it’s so easy to me. I love being a mom ~Michele Renee 


I think it is pretty safe to say we all feel this way; or something like this at least one point in our life.  I wrote that 2 years ago; and when I think about it; It makes me sad; I am glad it was documented because I feel nothing close to those feelings today; and I don’t need anyone’s justification.

I guess I just wanted to share with any mother’s who are feeling this way, now, on this Mother’s Day 2018… for whatever reason; whether it’s just hormones, hard times, grief, deep depression, fallings; we don’t have to own it!  I know easier said than done when you are in this spot; but I promise you; you are not last decade, you are not last year, last month or even yesterday… you are this moment!


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No matter how much you feel you have been hurt in the past; by a mother, maybe your very own~ or how much you have hurt as a mother; you don’t have to hold onto it; maybe you can practice letting it go; just because you deserve the peace; no other reason; yes you are worthy, yes you are wonderfully made; and yes, yes you deserve PEACE!

Keep the flowers, keep the breakfast, keep the gifts you wanna know what Mothers want for mother’s day, the ultimate gift to give YOUR mom….

Get along! If your mom loves you and another…. your sibling you can’t stand, your tia who did you wrong, the man who you wouldn’t of picked for her, the list goes on… show her you love her by giving her the good ol’ gift of Peace of heart! Mom deserves it all right! You deserve it.

Mothers day is not all roses and pancakes… many are missing mom in heaven…. Happy Mothers day to you ladies even if tomorrow your a little sad, be happy with the memory of your mom! ~Michele Renee


Happy Mother’s Day in honor of~

Her Mommy’s Dubbers ~my mama

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My paternal Grandma~ Grandma Mira

Grandma Darling my maternal grandma

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