Just a thought…

If something is someone’s reality that is a truth that exist in their head while it may not be accurate from others point of view it is setup to create the inevitable…

Sad because we can’t change someone’s reality by simply brainwashing them to believe yours…. And catastrophe ends with the delusional leaving this world just a memory of questions with never an understanding of their reasoning’s. It is difficult for a person that views the world through a much different mindset that would keep them misunderstood due to such contrasting behaviors then the norm… Seems they would be destined to be seen as a misfit, misguided, or an unapologetic ass… Unfair in so many ways especially if they begun life with that much different mind.

One may not understand another, but no matter how disillusioned I may feel the person is, no matter how wronged I may feel by them; I will never cheer or delight in their falls, especially my haters and those who purposely make my life difficult. The moment I allow my heart to rejoice the Lord will turn all wrath away from them; I’d prefer to not know and be at peace in my heart. ~ Proverbs 24:17

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