Conflicts in the heart

I noticed when a woman is die hard in love with a man, things get so comfortable and routine. I know deep down inside, no matter how much the man knows he “has” the woman, she never loses that desire to be wanted and even when she knows who she belongs to, she still wants to be felt she is sought after.

Being nice, is often taken for granted when people are so close, they tease, and joke. Sometimes, even being flirty with one another reminds us that the effort we gave in the beginning, should be even more worthy now; but somehow we stop or it always isn’t.

Being courteous, what some may find courteous others may not care for; and what others would ignore some can’t do without. How do we be truly courteous to another? It’s easy to hurt, and ignore especially if our own desire or ego means more. If someone is hurt and we don’t care enough to understand, we need to work on our ego. If someone matters to us, we will protect, and honor them the best we can; and it isn’t always protecting them from others it’s protecting them from everything including knowing what they deserve and don’t deserve.

Being gentle doesn’t come easy, but after living a very hard life gentleness is something I value and crave. I may be tough, a fighter, and in guard most of the time, but the moments come when you just want to be fragile and adored.

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