I am grateful for Michele Renee <3

Today I am grateful that I hold a deep and profound knowledge about what is right for me!  In the past I have not really listened or even asked myself; I usually spontaneously do what I want for that moment.  I hope today if I can share anything useful it would be the importance~ to get to that point where you will choose to do what is right for you and not for anyone else.  People will hold a legion of different judgments of why they feel you need to do things a certain way, “their” way.  A person’s way, maybe accurate for their course, but not necessarily for another’s.  I am an extremely independent person and feel very strongly about the things I have come to be known as my truths.

I am grateful that I am open-minded, and feel very powerful and determined to share my knowledge with others; it doesn’t mean I will always agree with them, or that they have to agree with me.  I will always be kind enough to respect another can believe things quite differently from me.

I am grateful that I have learned to appreciate that I have let go of a strong need for other’s approval.  There are many in my past, who I felt I needed their validation; I feel so at peace knowing I don’t need to be validated by others; I am worthy I am valuable just because I am me.  I have always been quite an open book; but I realize these days the older I get, the more I am at peace with holding on to my privacy which I never valued before.  I felt if I went through a tide; I had to share with others it was my responsibility to help the world; we can’t help the world; we can be an example; but all in all people have to help their own self, in their own way.

I am grateful I am so full of ideas, sometimes I have to slow my roll… and just fantasize, and other times I need to kick things in gear and realize I am so much more than just a dreamer.

I am so blessed I hold onto my faith so strongly; I know my relationship with the highest power, the Almighty is my place of clarity and rest.  Grateful for my strong instinctive gut feels I listen to when I know inside the Holy Spirit is whispering to me the truth always.  Every year of my life, I can truly say I am at more Peace then ever; and yes; I truly feel even during all these hard times, life does get greater if you allow it and live it.

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