You’re the judge, OH NO set me free!

Sometimes it is really hard to make a decision for yourself when you realize that so many people you love will not be ecstatic about your decision like you would hope them to be.  I think it is such an uneasy feeling when people tend to judge your life choices or try to manipulate others to believe what they want them to be.  I will pray for more acceptance from others, I will still do what I know is right for me in the end, but I really hope that they will understand I would never intentionally let certain people that I value down.  I appreciate those who bring life to my life by encouraging me during my life and I will promise to be encouraging to those I love.  Life is hard enough as it is we really don’t need to be so critical to one another.  I think the difficult thing is that people want to be heard but don’t really want to listen to what others have to say.

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