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I am in love with Shabba’s brother 😀

I want to ride a White horse!

Giddy up! “Ride A White Horse” Now take me dancing, at the disco Where you buy your winniebago I wanna ride on a white horse I want to ride on a white horseWhen the light turns into darkness Will he turn up to explain us I wanna ride on a

Fairly local Visual and Lyrical Blog

So this is more of a visual blog to one of my favorite songs at this moment~ Fairly Local. I did a collaboration of all my favorite pics I have saved over the years that depict a meaning behind it. So this beautiful blog is loaded with almost 6 years

Only~ song Review, Nicki Minaj, and Madonna

Since she first came around to our media outlets in 2003, I never considered myself a Nicki Minaj fan! I did “have to” listen to her song ONLY because of course Drake, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown yes they are featured artist of course its all business 💸💵💲💰 all under

The Beat of her heart/Greek Mythology

“The Beat Of Her Heart” This song began as a short piano piece by John Arndt, who has played with us for years, and who wrote a lot of the songs on this album with Lisa and I as well as assisted in producing the album. Orpheus and Eurydice She

Kendrick Lamar “Alright” performed @ 2015 BET Awards updated “Alright ” Video

“Alright” Kendricks previous song, “u,” explores the burdens Kendrick has had to deal with. “Alright” coming in afterwards is appropriate, as it details how Kendrick means to escape from his troubles. Kendrick attempts to capture the post-depression moments where people are able to ignore their problems and comfort themselves with

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