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Michele Renee

I want to Thank You for taking the time to come visit my blog, read my thoughts~
I have chosen to name my blog Permanent Expressions!
EXPRESS =Real talk, Living with absolute Truth, Learning from flaws and failures, Gaining strength from struggles 🙂

Expressing emotions and encourage another to express their individuality!

If I could only choose one word that would give an accurate description of me, no doubt it would be :PASSIONATE. Here is a little information about me and my family

image  My other Self~ Gus and Me ❤

My brain is always in constant motion, I have extreme passionate feelings about everything this life puts in front of me 🙂 I am on a constant mission of new and exciting ways to express myself.
Our family is extremely silly! We have found humor & laughter=magic for~ positive daily living.


After spending many years of spending my time with the wrong type of people, that it’s very important I spend my days with people who remind me to laugh; and enjoy pure happiness from laughter. People who are happy are attracted to others who want happiness and share the love to laugh the day away.





I love open-minded people who don’t embarrass easy and allow themselves to learn to let go… and just find and explore all they are inside.
I think too many people care too much what others think, so are afraid to think outside of the box.
My extraordinary ways and out of this world expressions are not always understood, I know my methods are beyond ordinary comprehension; because I want to be more than just ordinary. While I make many people laugh, they also give me that confused look with a tad of disbelief at times. However; I never get offended I laugh too; because face it, I know I am eccentric it is no hidden secret. I am also proud of myself because I am courageous and strong and have the LORD on my side 🙂 I know for as long as I am laughing belly hurting hard and enjoying myself, the people I am with are having a blast too.

Those I love and choose to spend my precious time with are the ones who matter, any others opinions of me/them won’t even be imagined or thought of. We are in control of what enters our mind. I love to think I am working my butt off climbing this magnificent mountain for the moments, each and every one! Each moment I am able to take in another level of beauty makes it worth the climb.

I am not “climbing” this mountain of life for the plain fact “I just want to be seen at the top!”  I always have been heard telling others to stop watching others living and live their own life in the very way that benefits them! I usually ALWAYS have a smile on my face because happiness is a choice I choose over and over again.

I am human don’t get me wrong ;),

I am a woman with horrormones (as my Gus my other me so affectionately calls the “hormonal party”) and add a stressful busy life 😈 so, yes… Yes, there are times when I do allow fears and the devil into my mind.

My passion doesn’t end there; when I am upset or angry it’s pretty intense
I have learned in my life; I can choose how long I will let negative feelings manifest, and Lucky for us all I tend to squash it immediately or a little after 😉
I am definitely a fighter and survivor and remind myself anger and revenge only backfires (even if it is the more natural feeling.)
imageI have a strong understanding of people, and I am blessed with the ability to assist them in a way most others couldn’t even comprehend.  I care deeply for others especially my family and friends; so; whatever I am feeling I want to share and express it hoping it will make a difference in a positive and significant way to another soul.

Press Here and Watch a Video of Surrender

I am very smart because I do not allow my mind to pause; if something is in my life I tend to feel passionate about it. Whatever is being placed in our path I will do everything in my power to understand and educate my brain on a good conducive outcome, in as many ways possible.
I am very confident in myself I am sure I have a good grip of who I am what needs improvement and where I imagewant/need to be.

I am confident and proud of my other-self, who not only allows me to be me but enjoys the crazy ride. He is supportive nurturing and proud!

We push each other to be a better self always and accept each others “work in progress” issues.

I am also expressing feelings of ultimate swag because not only do I have tremendous courage, strength, and resilience, 🙂 

image Blessed

I am proud of my morals and values…
I feel free in my conscience when I sleep at night.
Sometimes people don’t understand how my confidence is on overdrive but it really pushes me to creativity and assist others. I have worked my butt off to get to this genuine happy and secure place I am today.
I don’t like wasting time with people who don’t care to better themselves.  I may feel like I am great; but I still know every next opportunity allows me to learn and become greater.

Since I was a child; I knew in my heart I was put on this earth to be the strong voice for others who haven’t found the strength to understand or stand up for themselves, and that is what I am going to do.

I am forever for the underdog!!!

Information regarding the website : Permanently Exposed Site Info


  1. Hello Mrs. Renee, this is Marisa Dominguez! Sorry this has taken so long but we met back at the Know Your Worth Retreat. I really like your blog you’re so fun! Haha!

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  3. Corrine Aguilar says:

    I love you crazy women 😉❤💜💚💙💛

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