Selfies and subtle messages

He asks to take a selfie ❤ awweeeee this is my opportunity to let him know… how i feel about his beard growth… He says: “Let’s take a selfie!” I think he caught on… cuz he asked me what I was suggesting… I wonder if he shaves???? Whatchu think??? my

Pretty soon they’ll come to get me…

How to change Bulb for headlight on 2008 Chrysler Town&Country

Balance your World, Balance within

Balance today! Facebook Balance your world, Balance Within album

Fiesta 2018 San Antonio meme fun

Fiesta is near so I made this meme with my favorite scene from a video this year by these musical geniuses’! Here is the complete video He is rich, bish! King’s Dead” The song is about Marvels, Black Panther ❤ [Part I] [Kendrick Lamar:] Miss me with that bullshit (bullshit)

It’s one of them days! Hey

Florida High School Shooting & Mental Illness

17 Confirmed dead CNN BREAKING NEWS Students hiding in High School Shooting One of the issues in life that I am extremely passionate about is MENTAL ILLNESS! Facebook Link to my album Each one of us either has some form of mental illness, or love and care for someone who does. 

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