Monsters we invite in…

Do you know someone who is trying to STOP something that isn’t good for them?  Do you know someone who has a strong addiction?  Are you allowing monsters in? Let me tell you, I know it can be frustrating for those who love someone and have to be a part

You Can do It ! 

What is your family purpose?

Crackin’ Up

God created both of us And really wanted life right You’ve been lookin’ for a life But you got to get high You can’t help but steal from your family and friends Our flames grow ignorant And a means to an end (End, end, end, end)Crackin’ up! You rushed right

Virgin Mary

Honoring Mother Mary on Mother’s Day

Mother, I am. Happy Mother’s day mamas! 

Mother’s  are forever changing. There was a time in the beginning when we lost our solitude; and we no longer were our own; we became~theirs, A mother is born~💞 One day It seemed a star fell from the sky right into our arms. The connection seeped through our skin right

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