One break then huge step back!

We don’t have a lot of the facts in this life. We only see what’s in front of us at the moment. I believe in a higher power above, all knowing who watches us get angry and hurt at all the things in life we can’t control or that don’t

Que Rico !

Yesterday morning you asked me why I loved you. When you ask me to explain, I never can because words can not give justice to the way I feel about you. When you ask me how much I love you, it’s beyond comprehension, how could I begin to show the

Take a walk and keep walking ~~~~

Insignificance ~

My feelings have little importance ~ left out, forgotten, betrayed, what is my worth to you ? I think if there’s one thing I am learning in this life, no matter how much of yourself you give to another they won’t remember. So, all things you do, do from the

Sorry, to me !

If we keep anyone around us who gives our spirit fear, they are killing our very own spirit. Love is not fear! Love let’s go of all fear. Trust is an important part of any relationship, if not the most important part. Do you truly hold a clear conscience in

The Demons are here for us all !

Everyone wants to believe the world is getting worse! Each of us are living our own individual life, for our own purpose yet we believe that others have the power or are in control of our world. Feeling great about ourselves which winning the Lottery would actually do for most

Mind control

😂 Words mean my world to me, I give them life and death. I allow words to resonate in my brain automatically and I choose which words lose meaning and which shall die. I know I am in control of my thoughts, sometimes peoples words have a major play in

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