The Demons are here for us all !

Everyone wants to believe the world is getting worse! Each of us are living our own individual life, for our own purpose yet we believe that others have the power or are in control of our world. Feeling great about ourselves which winning the Lottery would actually do for most

Mind control

😂 Words mean my world to me, I give them life and death. I allow words to resonate in my brain automatically and I choose which words lose meaning and which shall die. I know I am in control of my thoughts, sometimes peoples words have a major play in

Ready for fine tuning my song

Last year on this very date, I was reading Psalms 40 with a heavy heart, I begged God to help me and give me a new song. Today I open up Psalms once again, thankful my life is completely changed, with a great song I sing everyday. I found a

To each, his/her own!

There is always someone watching, judging, and or making what they believe is someone else’s issues their own; when they have plenty of their own. If you go to Church; that’s great. Who are you to worry about anyone else’s soul but your own? What proof do you have your

Happy 22 years Marisa!

Happy Birthday Marisa Ann ! Today you are 22 years old and I can’t believe it because it seems like just yesterday we were at Little Angels Daycare, where you cried on the lady’s lap the whole time and I peeked at every hole in the wooden fence, hoping you

Mother’s Day count down

This is a difficult post~ I am full of emotions, the main thing I always found pride in, is being a mother. Mother’s Day is next week and it’s sad that so many of us feel undeserving because of the guilt we try so hard to let go of past

Done !

I watch you and I can’t believe for the first time there’s no where in this world I’d rather be. Life is happening outside and it sux for everyone trying to find and make meaning. And all I see is you, the hardworking man I’ve waited for all damn day,

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