Feeling it now

End of Chapter

So I spent 2016-2017 fighting on the daily…with obstacle after obstacle, upset after upset, betrayal, abandonment, and creative chaos. Everything about my life had been exciting, it was always about me being flung over the highest height which always left me breathless dangling from an even weaker and weaker bungee

Do you even want to know

Continuing this wonderful LOVE journey; learning love better on the daily… Today lesson makes me think about the importance of understanding. Proverbs 13:15 teaches us that UNDERSTANDING always wins favor.  The way of the unfaithful will always be hard; and then people wonder why love is hard.  Love isn’t hard;

Love your life

Inquiring minds always want to know and Michele Renee well, that is me! I’ve spent my life sharing honesty, 💯, real , raw, yup; an open book. Sharing everything I understand and all I completely try to and will without a doubt get to! The last few months has taken

Don’t get blinded by BS

I think it’s really important to get in the habit of beginning each day with a lot of energy and passion to get it done, whatever it is I am doing. Work hard at Everything in this day and soon the blooms in all I have put time into will

All you had to do was …stay

Protected: Forgiveness by Marisa

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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