Women! fRIENDS <3

Everyone has a MOTHER~ in order to exist, you had a mother at some point who birthed you, we all came from a WOMAN. Mothers, Grandma’s, Sisters, Aunts, daughters, and friends ~~~who are our angels… this article is dedicating to those angels in our life… may we continue to find them,

And today in mysanantonio~ 

The paranoia is in bloom, the P-R Transmissions will resume They’ll try to push drugs That keep us all dumbed down and hope that We will never see the truth around (So come on) Another promise, another scene, Another package lie to keep us trapped in greed With all the

Today, stop waiting!

There maybe a time or many times in your life when you allow the devil to take control, ride shotgun… Sometimes, you don’t realize it, you don’t obviously~ choose him.  Sometimes he/she makes it in real slick like, using circumstances and people you love. We allow “something” to take control over

Monsters we invite in…

Do you know someone who is trying to STOP something that isn’t good for them?  Do you know someone who has a strong addiction?  Are you allowing monsters in? Let me tell you, I know it can be frustrating for those who love someone and have to be a part

You Can do It ! 

What is your family purpose?

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