Bubbles, lavender, and 💞

Finding and then allowing a person to treat you special isn’t easy, especially when it’s foreign. He dances with me in the rain and changes everything with a dance, my life in love gets even sweeter! Dancing in the kitchen is frequent but never the same. Life in love is

You with me or not

When you have been alone your whole life, you realize you don’t really appreciate anyone doing shit for you…. Cuz they ain’t! You appreciate those people doing things with you, I ain’t anyone’s fuckin martyr, you work with me or your against me not on my team simple as that

You don’t know Jack!

And for some, this is the truth 💔😢😭 #dontjudge because losing it all, your world changes your life sometimes! #sorry #alwaysrecovering #alcholism #mistakes

I didn’t sign up for this ****

I didn’t sign up for this sh**! How many of us are living a life we truly dreamed of, or can actually say have lived the perfect life. Some are born with the perfect parents, blessed with a beautiful example about what a loving relationship is supposed to encompass. Parents


It’s amazing how my own self can be a sell out to my own beliefs. I understand, the less sexualized my media is, the less it’s viewed, and I am learning to come to an understanding about that. The truth is, sex rules our universe and it’s because sex is

Peace is all I really need!

Inner Peace has got to be one of the most valuable feelings this world has to offer, especially when you’ve lacked it for quite a while. Valuing those who bring a peace in your life for everyone is different, because we all have different needs and fears. Inner peace comes

Trust him 💖 🙏

Love is so powerful that even when it hurts, scars, and changes the innocence of who we are, we still hold onto it and can’t let go of what we love. Those of us who refuse to, not let love win; live life eagerly always hoping that love wins the

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