Project Type: Music Review

Adore You, Miley Cyrus Photo Frame/Color/Effect Play

Photo Edits for Frame Effects on Slide

Photo Edited Frames/Can’t Stop, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Childish Gambino

Nicki Minaj~ Only

Kendrick Lamar Music Video’s

Loving Life slideShow with music

Video w/personal Expression

Happy Birthday to my princess 8 years old <3

SlideShow for End of Year Memories for Employer

Happy Birthday Celina my twin

My man; yup the man!!! ain’t no other~

My biggest baby turns 17 years old

Give a Hater a hug! :) 👋 hater!

Jump n fall into me babyyyyyy <3

Are You Human, Gus?

Gus & Michele 2 Years of Happiness

12 Fifty One

The Start of Something

My son turns 10 12/27/2014

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