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Sadness be gone; Smile stay

Life just keeps moving~ Today Is one of my favorite days of the year…. Halloween!!! Tonight on Halloween I am feeling cracked, crazy, shattered, but healing; lips not as full as usual but still burstin with red venom, …I feel red freakin hot!!!!! Lately I have been a bag of

Few Days Home from St. Matt’s 2k15 Teen ACTS Retreat and the demons are out…

St. Matt’s 2k15 Teen ACTS Retreat was AMAZING!!!! The DEVIL is pissed!!! Each one of our souls was just reassured of the great feeling of love; we all are feeling so brand new.  The devil hates love and happiness; but prefers anxiety, fear, and hate.  Anytime that we get closer to

St. Matthews Catholic Church

I am trying to hard to get to sleep tonight but a few things are keeping me up; my cough/asthma; and my heart.  I am feeling so emotional, the last few months have been really tough.  It’s weird how you can have the worst time of your life and the

2013 Love Letter to my Marisa

Dear Marisa, Well right now you are on your first ACTS retreat =) I am so proud of you because this retreat was your idea and your choice!!  I always told myself I would never push you to do things that weren’t “you.”  I have always found though, you find

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