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Nag hag, fight it … Don’t be it ! 

This beautiful rose is very meaningful ~ my grandma Mira is a beautiful spirit like this rose with thorns.  She is delicate with amazing tenacity.  She is grounded, earthy, yet exquisite in her beauty. My grandma was similar in spirit to her own mother Juana Maria/ Juanita we called “Ama”.

Kendrick Lamar “Alright” performed @ 2015 BET Awards updated “Alright ” Video

“Alright” Kendricks previous song, “u,” explores the burdens Kendrick has had to deal with. “Alright” coming in afterwards is appropriate, as it details how Kendrick means to escape from his troubles. Kendrick attempts to capture the post-depression moments where people are able to ignore their problems and comfort themselves with

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