Finding answers in the danger zone

Do you think that for a minute, we actually make our lives harder than they are supposed to be; because that is how we were brought into this world. Do you ever think that just maybe, we really don’t have to actually carry all the crap we do carry; but we choose to. When things get easier, we take on more, just to feel that feeling of heaviness.

Damn, we are strong, damn we can carry a lot and you know what, we do with all our heavy heart.

A higher power is telling me today, it is our choice to take on all those things that are larger than life and keep them alive. It is up to us, what we choose to carry and hold so tightly to. Sometimes, there really isn’t anyone to blame, but us; who keeps it right over our shoulders. The hard truth is with every extra weight we take on, it does make us stronger and tougher, but it also makes us hurt and that can weaken our spirit.

How much is too much; I had a close friend who was my friend for years, but messaged me one day and told me his wife left me because of my posts; I have absolutely no power over anyone, and what I share or hold on my own is mine and only mine. What is yours is yours; and theirs is only their own. I will continue to share what I feel, and I share because I know I am not alone. If you feel you are left for whatever reason that has nothing to do with me.

What are you working for, what is important to you, and how is that relevant to anyone else but you? I don’t feel sorry for myself, I choose, like you. I also realize, and gather all my keeps, hold onto them and learn to let go of my “keep-nots”.

What cross do we want to continue to carry, what cross is weighing us down the most, what cross is worth the challenge, and what cross completely is unnecesassary? Whatever it is we want or need to completely understand but just can’t is what we need to completely pay attention to.

Moving forward is necessary to gain more satisfaction, however it doesn’t have to be at the price of completely falling forward. We have so many priorities in this life, sometimes other things are more important than others; but we need to keep the right energy around us if we want to feel unified on the path. The energy used is the effort, and everyone should give more to what truly is important, and having the right squad around is a powerful network.


Many of us choose to do things alone, whether it is because we can’t trust others, or the plain fact we’ve done it alone all along. The truth is different people can bring in different insight, when we are so close to the picture, we really don’t see the complete picture at times. Sometimes, we see the complete picture or what we think it is in others lives, we love them and want them to see it too; but they don’t just yet and sometimes it seems like it takes them forever. Even though we love someone else, it is not our job to change their path or their mind; we can point them in a direction and share what we know to be; but the truth is everyone has to make their own decisions.

Letting go isn’t easy, especially when it really isn’t our choice or what we want to do; but sometimes it is something so necessary. Letting go of a difficulty in our life that keeps us from moving forward to where we have to go or just have the peace to be the person we need to be. Sometimes we aren’t use to moving forward alone, and that is tough when there really isn’t anyone around who is supposed to level up with you. Find faith in knowing what starts as a small crawl, nosing your way through will eventually turn into a strong stride.

Security is one of the greatest feelings and sometimes the venture into territory that gives us a feeling of complete defenslessness makes us feel even further away from our homebase. Where is our homebase though, do we even know, who gives us a security of home, do we keep those kind of people? There really is reason after reason that sometimes we are at home and feel completely homeless. When it somes down to it, I think everyone really just wants to go home. I know it is cliche but, Home really is where the heart is.

Perfection does not exist, not in our life, not in us, and not in our homes. It is ok to realize there is light and darkness in everything. We wake up each day and each of us holds a different motive, but what is important is even with all the temptations the world brings, we need to remember what our important motive of the day will be. Danger is everywhere and that is the truth.

Sadly, our world is full of bitter humans who hide in the shadows to ruin others, and that is where the devil lies. Just like good, evil has motives as well. We need to be stronger, much more clever than the fox, we must remember our drive and trust our instincts. If you need an answer, pray, God will send you the answer. The answer is written in the skies above, it moves in the waters around us, it is in the lighheartness we feel in others, it resonates in the spirit that will bring us joy.



Jesus I Trust in Thee

Life would be so much easier; if it would just work out the way we plan.
It is so hard when we want immediate answers; we want to know everything…NOW!  

Everything in our society is built so that we get things as fast as possible; people don’t practice patience much anymore; and some children aren’t even taught about patience.  It is about doing all we can to hustle; get it; get it fast; take it or someone else will.


Why does it seem everything has to be a long drawn out process, it angers us to wait; it gives us anxiety when things are uncertain; and why must we continue to have a life feeling so unsure, haven’t we gone through enough?


Over the years; we are faced with troubles, lessons, hard knocks; we think back and we feel … we have proven to be faithful; so we often think to ourselves~ we are deserving; we demand an answer “why can’t we be rewarded with a life with fewer falls?”  The funny thing is, faith doesn’t work that way; we can’t say, “we have been loyal; so there is the proof that I will continue.”  People change their minds everyday; it is our right as human beings, but we must remember to stay faithful; especially during those times when things get harder; seem unfair; don’t add up; we can’t just give in, throw in the towel; take the easy way out; we must not just give up.

Just like Jesus had to endure here on earth we have our purpose and it shall be done.  There are certain things we want, feel we deserve, and then there are our true needs.  We need to realize we just aren’t going to get what we want when we thing we should.  Who are we to claim to know what we need; who are we to claim to know what we must have and can’t live without.  Why do we feel we are privileged above the rest and feel the right to be given the answers to the mysteries of life.

What we can be sure of is, Life is and will continue to always be a mystery.


So many challenges in our life and we are kept so busily trying to take OUT the mystery of things; we want answers for everything! We try to make sense out of everything we, our family, our friends are going through in this life; yet it seems like the more and more we are facing; life tells us is just plain impossible to explain.


Life is not fair, we want to make sense of it; we want to change it.  In our minds if we are in control we can make it the way we want it; fair on our individual terms. What gives us the audacity to imagine; or believe our terms are better, smarter, greater than God’s terms?


A long-time friend of mine shared some words of enlightenment yesterday, and had me visualizing for myself; with an important reminder…

I was playing that game show; The Price is Right; where you have 3 options~3 different doors;


don’t really have a clue what is behind each door.  How similar the game of Price is Right is to life,we never know where a decision of a path or journey will take us. Even when we don’t know where the journey will take us, we feel the urgency, we have this persistent strong immediate urge to  make a decision.  We want to figure out what is behind each door; and if we can figure it out, we need to figure at least one choice.  We want to know what is behind any door as soon as possible, we think the quicker the better. We have the strong NEED to know what each door holds; and then when we do, we are still not satisfied.  We see the direction but we still don’t know where it will actually be taking us.  So many times looks are decieving; and what looks like the grand prize can quickly become a disguised grand disaster.


We want to open the door immediately; we have a vision; we feel something is brought to us out of what we believe is just plain luck or lack of in this life.  It seems easier to think life works that way; we think about missed opportunity, regrets; and we want to jump on the bandwagon immediately.  Yesterday, I was meditating on 2 things; timing and remaining humble.  I know the truth nothing is done for our own personal time; we just don’t have the knowledge to even know the magnificent time clock that the Lord holds.  Even knowing it is NOT about our time; it is about God’s Timing I still find a strong will that feels like a need to hurry, my time is precious; I need to do it NOW.

However; when I truly think about it; my friends encouraging words come to my mind.  When I look back on all my decisions; every road; every path I have taken the best rewarding times were those in which my path was strongly with the Lord.  The times I left the Lord out of my life; ignored his knocks were some of the darkest, excruciating times of my life.

My leader is in control; he leads, and sometimes he allows me to go forth; as he sits alongside me; but when he is my center I always know that whatever I am doing it is right; I can just feel the difference.  How dare I ever question God’s steering; who do I think I am to take control over the wheel of life and try to push the true navigation to the side with my unfaithful heart.  Faith is not just loyalty; but it is believing even when all odds seem to make you believe otherwise; there are some true deceptions in this world. Thank you to my friends Daniel Lozano and his loving wife Alice who have been by friends over twenty plus years; and continue to be a loving example of reminders to his word.

I can never let a ritual  of repeative powerful words like, ” Jesus I Trust in You” become just words I say on the daily with little meaning.


I need to really believe and accept the truth that I do trust and remember no matter what path I take; as long as God is my center; I am on the right path; because I can trust in him; he loves me.