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Tattoos=bad girls+good girls, Women, Double standard, Videos, Blogging!

I got my first tattoo about six years ago on my birthday!  My best friend Gustavo suggested a tattoo artist named Joe Al.  I wanted to pick someone who was not only professional in their artistic design; but someone who I was sure was awesome with colors, angles, precision, proportions,

Your body responds to mental input as if physically it were real~

Can you imagine if we actually had the understanding and/or power to use more parts of our brain  more effectively with a better understanding of how it works.  How we can train our brain or manipulate it to use it wiser and learn quicker. The more we train our brains

Make the right move, check …mate! 

  I am continuously manifesting; I don’t know if I have a zillion different personalities or it is all just a complete make up of all the parts I  have been made of; all the parts making me in the process, all the parts I am, the one and only!

Feed the brain and dance with purity

We are forever changing, we change in mind, body, and soul from the minute we are conceived to the day we take our last breath. Who we are at this very moment is determined by both our past and present; we change our minds with new knowledge and understanding. I

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