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When you’ve got 2 hoes you need to let one go

WARNING my BLOGS TEND to contain, profanity, slight nudity, and a whole hell a lot of truth…. I respect you if you don’t continue, but respect me when you are in my house.  Enjoy! Official Video for this blog~ Review here Who noticed the familiarity of a borrowed beat, OLD

Ladies let go of MEN who bring you down; PLEASE! WE all deserve better!! I am guilty but not EVER again!

My daughter Marisa is amazing; the past few years she has dedicated her time and energy leading others to find their faith in God because finding her faith always brings peace to her heart. God believed in her so much; God felt she was the “one for the huge job,”

Not a love story! #🏃 away

Temptations are everywhere and we are all cheaters in some form.  Think about it, what are YOU cheating yourself of in your life. Some people chose to cheat on their diet, their daily routine, their partner, the list goes on~ each time we do, what we fail to acknowledge~ is

2nd Marriage, Cheating, and Socrates ;), Gus

What is it that causes love insecurities?  I feel very secure within my self; and I honestly don’t have any doubts about my significant other finding a better replacement.  I know I am a treasure; honest; true, loyal; hardworking, funny, caring; and understanding.  When it comes to comparing me there

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