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Jesus I Trust in Thee

Life would be so much easier; if it would just work out the way we plan. It is so hard when we want immediate answers; we want to know everything…NOW!   Everything in our society is built so that we get things as fast as possible; people don’t practice patience

Not a love story! #🏃 away

Temptations are everywhere and we are all cheaters in some form.  Think about it, what are YOU cheating yourself of in your life. Some people chose to cheat on their diet, their daily routine, their partner, the list goes on~ each time we do, what we fail to acknowledge~ is

Love, Decisions, Life…

Love, Decisions, Life, Thinking, can’t sleep… rambling~ Sometimes, after we lose certain people in our lives, they take a part of us with them that will never again be found.  How do we continue on our journey, with the part of us that we have always held in our souls no

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