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Change your life by choosing Happier Living

Several studies over the past 10 years are indicating that between 30% and 80% of our happiness is dictated by our genes. 10% to 60% of our happiness comes from attitude and overall outlook on life. Meaning only 10% of our happiness comes from those things which we can control.

Taking the chance 4 Gus! Hooking up with BFF

I wanted to share something I have figured out to be very significant. When I first met my “current and forever 🙂 life partner” Gus I was 18 years old. Gus or Gucci as I would call him back in the day was one of my closest friends during an extremely

BiPolar Currents the first experience and the beginning with Gus

Here I sit; just out of the Emergency room; tired, drained; and really worn out maybe just a tad damaged… but a huge weight was lifted once they took him back to be observed; I just wanted to get him to come back to me as soon as possible; happy

Monsters under my bed

Definitely hit a different plateau not sure where things are going but I feel a complete difference that feels oh so incomplete ! Or Like I’ve been shocked or taken out of my frequency and thrown into a different one,  very unfamiliar… As if someone pulled my eyelids open or

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