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Life is like a mirror, You get better results when you smile at it!

Funny pics/ meme’s that have made me laugh over the years…

Monsters we invite in…

Do you know someone who is trying to STOP something that isn’t good for them?  Do you know someone who has a strong addiction?  Are you allowing monsters in? Let me tell you, I know it can be frustrating for those who love someone and have to be a part

You Can do It ! 

Sometimes, I am Thomas~

Call me Thomas! I feel like a hypocrite when I spend so much time encouraging others, lifting and amplifying positive energy when at times I allow myself to drown and be weighed down by my own fears and doubt. John 20:24 Thomas was not with the 12 disciples when Jesus

Stepmothers! Stepmonsters who become Stepmom’s…

Stepmother’s the word alone is a mystery. Acquiring a stepmother is a unique story to every soul who has one or is one. I’m gonna share a little of my journey with you on how I acquired my stepmother and how my stepmother acquired her first (step) daughter… My dad

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