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Bloom Where you are Planted!

Blog Theme Song: March is here! Taking the plants back outside into the wonderful outside world; so they can be kissed by the sun and be loved in the rain. One of My favorite months is March. The time when everything springs forward, and I always push my brain to

No Faith, No Explanation Is Possible!

To: One Who Has Faith, no explanation is necessary.  To: One Without Faith, no explanation is possible.  When you find the beauty in a rising sun watching the colors, watching the blends radiate, when you feel the warmth of its rays you can’t help but to feel something inside your soul.

Simple thoughts

My Inner Essence ~where are you; I am calling for you now! Delighting in the simplicity once again; that is where I need to be.  Remembering how great all the simple things in life feel; smelling flowers-finding beauty in the colors-a hug and how comforting it feels; a kiss and

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