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Gus and the real truth

Gus, everything about you is interesting; and I appreciate all you have done for me the past few weeks.  I know it has been difficult for the both of us.  We have been real and ripped each other apart and we still want to believe the truth that lives in

My spiritual journey began in Adoration

A little about me… I am a MOM of 3 kids… My oldest daughter Marisa , is 18 and the motivating factor I found my home again at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and connected with A.C.T.S. My middle child and favorite son, Jay is 10, he is a passionate gamer

First Day of School, New Friendships, and maybe a little anxiety~

My daughter has been complaining of a stomach ache the past week she hasn’t been sleeping well the past couple of weeks either.  😦 As a mom, we all have our drill; did you poop, what did you eat, are you drinking enough water all my questions left me clueless

Be a Friend, Appreciate your Friends, and count your blessings

Eating, drinking, smiling, laughing, celebrating with friends is one of my favorite ways to pause and break from life.  It is extra special when it is all done in your honor, or the honor of someone special to you.   One of the best things in life is realizing family

YOU, need to read this; I am just a messenger…

So far,  since I came back from the wonderful Teen ACTS RETREAT approximately 2 weeks ago , I have had my own personal run in’s with family discord and finances~nothing major Thank God, however more tragically a good friend of mine ~ 14 year old son passed away, my other “like

Few Days Home from St. Matt’s 2k15 Teen ACTS Retreat and the demons are out…

St. Matt’s 2k15 Teen ACTS Retreat was AMAZING!!!! The DEVIL is pissed!!! Each one of our souls was just reassured of the great feeling of love; we all are feeling so brand new.  The devil hates love and happiness; but prefers anxiety, fear, and hate.  Anytime that we get closer to

Mothering and Maris

This is a blog about some mama feelings I am having tonight. This is a post about a mother, by that mother regarding being a mother! 😆 As a mother we often find those moments when we find ourselves going through difficult times, I am going to express my current

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