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Bloom Where you are Planted!

Blog Theme Song: March is here! Taking the plants back outside into the wonderful outside world; so they can be kissed by the sun and be loved in the rain. One of My favorite months is March. The time when everything springs forward, and I always push my brain to

Grandma Mira

One of the persons who is the closest to me would definitely be my grandmother, my father’s mother. My grandmother is in her eighty’s has life in her with very little gentleness, she will not step down quietly not for her family. She is a true woman who tells me

Grandma Darling <3, saying goodbye, Grief and loss

My grandma (maternal) died November 7, 1993. My grandma who I called my grandma Darling died at the age of 55 years old it was unexpected, shocking, and devastating for all her loved ones; especially because she played a very important role in everyone’s personal life like no other could

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