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Do you even want to know

Continuing this wonderful LOVE journey; learning love better on the daily… Today lesson makes me think about the importance of understanding. Proverbs 13:15 teaches us that UNDERSTANDING always wins favor.  The way of the unfaithful will always be hard; and then people wonder why love is hard.  Love isn’t hard;

Love your life

Inquiring minds always want to know and Michele Renee well, that is me! I’ve spent my life sharing honesty, 💯, real , raw, yup; an open book. Sharing everything I understand and all I completely try to and will without a doubt get to! The last few months has taken

Why can’t I feel loved the way I want, need, and deserve?

I am angry at life for taking me on an unexpected journey. I am frustrated with friends who love me with conditions, angry when I don’t do what they say, unforgiving people who have flaws of their own. I am sad when loved ones demand and expect me to give

Tired! Y u have to fight with me at Cheesecake???

Blog Video Mood theme~ The beginning of this video is so painful!  We learn real early people are assholes; all people in so many different ways they choose to be; and in so many different ways they choose not to be.   Everywhere we turn, can be a play while we

New Year, New Me… Lol sometimes cliche just works~

New Year, New beginnings~ Every year each of us believe we will finally get our well deserved happiness after that “one” thing~. I will finally be happy I just need that new house, that car, that companion, that job, it is a never-ending drive toward something that is going to

Son’s need a mother; so they won’t be a DB!

A son needs a mother to remind him that he can’t always get everything he wants; how am I supposed to expect Jay to appreciate his belongings; if it’s so easily given/replaced to him. A son needs to learn what gratitude feels like; and that is something that isn’t given

Feed the brain and dance with purity

We are forever changing, we change in mind, body, and soul from the minute we are conceived to the day we take our last breath. Who we are at this very moment is determined by both our past and present; we change our minds with new knowledge and understanding. I

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