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LET Go Of Labels, Take Full-Responsibility, Self-Reflection, Stop the bad, & Feel the Power

I  ~Feel lost, have been incorrectly or falsely accused, have been abandoned by someone I love, have been lied to by someone I trusted, have been hurt by another who was supposed to care, have been cheated on by a love that wasn’t true, struggle with depression, struggle with allowing my spirit and energy to be depleted

Do you like me? Check Yes, No, Maybe…Difficult People

It starts in elementary school; when a person decides that they “like”  someone, or they don’t like that person; or maybe they just don’t know yet. When you get a little older and a person becomes closer; they find that the like goes a little deeper, and then all of

Will u recognize me?

Call my name? or walk on by? Don’t You Forget About Me When the time comes as it surely will, when I complete “the” grand task the great Lord has put me on this earth to complete… I will be gone ~                  I am so

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