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Trust him 💖 🙏

Love is so powerful that even when it hurts, scars, and changes the innocence of who we are, we still hold onto it and can’t let go of what we love. Those of us who refuse to, not let love win; live life eagerly always hoping that love wins the

Love= Hurts vs. Mends

Love doesn’t hurt! Love is where we all came from. Love is trying to understand another person’s language When all you hear is … %^$#@= “NOTHING” ~ until NOTHING finally becomes…”SOMETHING” you both understand… The reality of “understanding” is, just when you think you finally understand another language you find

Focus or Fucus, I decide!

Blog feature Song~ I always questioned Gus when we first met if he really was all he said to be, I made this video in regards to my love and fear… I have had too many experiences with people I allowed into my/our life and they attempted to mess with

Give the heart ~the POWER

God wants the very best for us… it is in  his word~  Sometimes it is really hard to believe it; it seems we suffer so much; it seems as soon as we are done with one trial; another stronger force comes our way to fight. Whatever this life brings us,

Hurt again and again~

Sometimes, people don’t even remember what we tend to hold onto… but for what it is worth, wanna say Sorry to my cousin Cory for pouring a gallon of milk over his head when we were little. There really is no basis for guilt, it isn’t productive it doesn’t solve

Fairly local Visual and Lyrical Blog

So this is more of a visual blog to one of my favorite songs at this moment~ Fairly Local. I did a collaboration of all my favorite pics I have saved over the years that depict a meaning behind it. So this beautiful blog is loaded with almost 6 years

Love why do you have to be so complicated, you sexy beast!

Love is … Love hurts, because we are humans who make mistakes, so when we do and we hurt people we love or they hurt us, it really is one of the worst types of pain.  I know it’s easier to stay uninvested in another, choose to live without love,

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