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Trust him 💖 🙏

Love is so powerful that even when it hurts, scars, and changes the innocence of who we are, we still hold onto it and can’t let go of what we love. Those of us who refuse to, not let love win; live life eagerly always hoping that love wins the

Searching , Mania, Disappearances, plz don’t get lost!

Wicked or Weakness erbody pray4 me

Life can be so disappointing; it seems every turn every hurdle; just when I think enough is enough I pause and realize I lost, and sometimes it feels like everything is gone.  Life as I knew it before, will never be the same, not like anything I knew; and it really scares the shit out

Re-evaluation; remembering Truth

I am one of those who will go to the back of the line if it means putting elderly in front.  I am one of those who will walk a little longer, if it means allowing someone else to ride.  I will tell you; I have lost a lot of

Closing Chapters in 2016; 2017 is my year!

I recently began my job search after a while on hiatus; we have been struggling but family medical matters were in control in the beginning of this year; by mid year we learned how to cope, foresee; and as a family learned our own coping methods do’s and don’ts. Sometimes

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