Finding answers in the danger zone

Do you think that for a minute, we actually make our lives harder than they are supposed to be; because that is how we were brought into this world. Do you ever think that just maybe, we really don’t have to actually carry all the crap we do carry; but we choose to. When things get easier, we take on more, just to feel that feeling of heaviness.

Damn, we are strong, damn we can carry a lot and you know what, we do with all our heavy heart.

A higher power is telling me today, it is our choice to take on all those things that are larger than life and keep them alive. It is up to us, what we choose to carry and hold so tightly to. Sometimes, there really isn’t anyone to blame, but us; who keeps it right over our shoulders. The hard truth is with every extra weight we take on, it does make us stronger and tougher, but it also makes us hurt and that can weaken our spirit.

How much is too much; I had a close friend who was my friend for years, but messaged me one day and told me his wife left me because of my posts; I have absolutely no power over anyone, and what I share or hold on my own is mine and only mine. What is yours is yours; and theirs is only their own. I will continue to share what I feel, and I share because I know I am not alone. If you feel you are left for whatever reason that has nothing to do with me.

What are you working for, what is important to you, and how is that relevant to anyone else but you? I don’t feel sorry for myself, I choose, like you. I also realize, and gather all my keeps, hold onto them and learn to let go of my “keep-nots”.

What cross do we want to continue to carry, what cross is weighing us down the most, what cross is worth the challenge, and what cross completely is unnecesassary? Whatever it is we want or need to completely understand but just can’t is what we need to completely pay attention to.

Moving forward is necessary to gain more satisfaction, however it doesn’t have to be at the price of completely falling forward. We have so many priorities in this life, sometimes other things are more important than others; but we need to keep the right energy around us if we want to feel unified on the path. The energy used is the effort, and everyone should give more to what truly is important, and having the right squad around is a powerful network.


Many of us choose to do things alone, whether it is because we can’t trust others, or the plain fact we’ve done it alone all along. The truth is different people can bring in different insight, when we are so close to the picture, we really don’t see the complete picture at times. Sometimes, we see the complete picture or what we think it is in others lives, we love them and want them to see it too; but they don’t just yet and sometimes it seems like it takes them forever. Even though we love someone else, it is not our job to change their path or their mind; we can point them in a direction and share what we know to be; but the truth is everyone has to make their own decisions.

Letting go isn’t easy, especially when it really isn’t our choice or what we want to do; but sometimes it is something so necessary. Letting go of a difficulty in our life that keeps us from moving forward to where we have to go or just have the peace to be the person we need to be. Sometimes we aren’t use to moving forward alone, and that is tough when there really isn’t anyone around who is supposed to level up with you. Find faith in knowing what starts as a small crawl, nosing your way through will eventually turn into a strong stride.

Security is one of the greatest feelings and sometimes the venture into territory that gives us a feeling of complete defenslessness makes us feel even further away from our homebase. Where is our homebase though, do we even know, who gives us a security of home, do we keep those kind of people? There really is reason after reason that sometimes we are at home and feel completely homeless. When it somes down to it, I think everyone really just wants to go home. I know it is cliche but, Home really is where the heart is.

Perfection does not exist, not in our life, not in us, and not in our homes. It is ok to realize there is light and darkness in everything. We wake up each day and each of us holds a different motive, but what is important is even with all the temptations the world brings, we need to remember what our important motive of the day will be. Danger is everywhere and that is the truth.

Sadly, our world is full of bitter humans who hide in the shadows to ruin others, and that is where the devil lies. Just like good, evil has motives as well. We need to be stronger, much more clever than the fox, we must remember our drive and trust our instincts. If you need an answer, pray, God will send you the answer. The answer is written in the skies above, it moves in the waters around us, it is in the lighheartness we feel in others, it resonates in the spirit that will bring us joy.



My sugar goggles fell off

During life’s continuous punches,


I find it helpful to take that initial pause every now and then


and confirm what deep down I know to be true~

it will be ok Michele; it is all in God’s plan.”  Remember, the truth, what it is all about~

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I rarely panic,


Although,  I am extremely passionate in showing my feelings; I really do wear them on my sleeve.  I don’t sugar coat; but I do have a tendency to wear “sugar goggles,”

Sugar Goggles

LOL; always seeing things positive and so much opportunity with so very little.  Gus, makes me laugh because he will often ask me if I have my glasses on.


I really do find potential in all things; and comfort with very little.

Lemons & Chinese Candy 

Gus and I have had a world-wind gust take over what our lives had been the past six years; we continue to pick up the pieces, throw some down, pick something different up and rebuild little by little exactly with what we find comforting.  We always rebuild with much discussion; we talk often about life; where we have been and where in the hell we are headed; and if it is time to re-adjust that sail.


We have learned a lot in such a short period of time; we have learned about life before each other; and life together;


the people who are in our life now and those who are no longer.  We appreciate each other greatly; and know that we have a gained respect for each other that no one will ever understand.


Finding beauty in simplicity~


and appreciating so much of what had previously been forgotten in day-to-day life~


The past cannot be changed but we can change; our lives will continue to change without a doubt; and we will make sure our change is for greater; we have that power!


Waking up in the world as we know it today can be a downer; the world is really full of monsters with pretty~ faces, friendly-fronts, facing life’s humiliations, half-truth’s, discrimination, and fakeness~ lies from the ignorant is always a lot of work, we all live in it; but when you try to eliminate the negativity; that is when you realize the abundance of where it all lies.

Opinions do NOT define our reality! Judgements are a confession of character!

I won’t let NEGATIVITY win; I feel strong, I know I have handled some of the toughest battles already, there isn’t much that will take me down~ for too long.   People have seen me fight, they have heard stories, they have been party to a few, one thing they know is that I won’t and DO NOT give up. I am hard-headed, strong-willed and tenacious!  I maybe full of scars but I am true, real, and my love wants to serve others in need.


Yet, I still find myself getting disappointed😞 as my heart breaks, it never surprises me anymore, heartbreak is a definite part of life.  I think what hurts the most is when our heart is broken over and over by the same person who we allow to break it; just as it mending.  It is hard when it is family; because I am one of those who doesn’t believe you should just up and leave family because they hurt us; it is with my family you will find me humble.  I have found it easier to distance myself from family who hurts me to protect me; but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss them; and want them around; sometimes I wonder if it is just easier for everyone’s well-being to keep myself at a distance and that is what I do.

One of the hardest experiences is being judged by those who have loved you/you loved~ before.

What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for and to do it so unconsciously…

The one who loved you, wanted to be part of your life when things were in their favor, but when it was time for anything or anyone else, all of a sudden you were the problem. The ones who bring new people into their life and maybe you don’t understand them; so you treat them like they are non-existent or beneath you… I will tell you what; if you ever treat me or my other half like I, he, or we are beneath you; you can bet you will be discarded from my life.  WHO are YOU to treat anyone like you are above them; God didn’t mold you from another cut; you are from the same.

You may have made mistakes.  Christ took your sins. He paid for EVERY mistake, every wrong. His blood covered it once and for all.

My grandma has told me she gets most sad when people she loves “brag about possessions” and continue to be unsatisfied with what they have already; and want more and more; my grandma is full of love and still loves those that she recognizes greed in.  She is not blind to know that people choose to ignore what they could help; they choose to close their eyes to see~only what they want to see to take care of their own; and not those that don’t have the power to benefit them.  My grandma teaches me about the humble ones that have very little to give, but will give from the little they have, they give so much from their heart.  It is amazing how wise this woman; I am blessed to call my grandma is; with a 3rd grade education; one who has never received a salary from an “occupation”; she is full of wisdom that no college can instill; she is definitely the most influential person I know.


My grandma has taught me to pray; pray EVERYDAY!  Praying makes me understand those part of Michele that have gotten lost; the parts of Michele that remembers true beauty is found in looking and watching the growth of a flower~ that with joint-love played a part in its blossom.


Remembering how simply delightful it is when you take turns trying someone else’s favorite ice cream flavor~



Taking the time to cut vegetables and fruits, as the family learns about all the things a Guinea Pig can eat; while laughing because of the all stories and great times that our little pets add to our lives.


… teaching Gramps, that guinea pigs are not HOGS; and searching for our lost turtle all over the yard with fantasy like stories while he was on a 3 day hiatus.


Learning how about how beautiful of a lesson you have learned is~ when you realize procrastination is for dreams that may never come true; life it short; when you want something~STOP and just do it NOW!  Lesson 2 Sometimes, something you want may not even be for you, a gift for someone else; and for no reason you just give it, just because.  Because you can, because you are able, because you care to; because it will benefit another; and sometimes you won’t get acknowledged~ that little bundle of love that may not be able to vocally tell you THANKS… you do it anyway; 

just because; because you are someone with character… like my uncle Leo!

Kindness is free~


Celebrating special days with those friends and family who matter; to remind them; YES, they ARE important; they do make a difference; and they completely matter!


Being able to say, “we have enough; and a little extra!” <3


Ahhhh~ feeling THANKFUL!

I am Thankful; I am thankful for all those times I started to become someone I didn’t recognize; someone I didn’t particularly like,  and I noticed!


I may do things differently, unconventionally; but I really appreciate those who continue to support me; by just encouraging me; encouraging me; with, ~”you’ve got this; God’s got it; don’t worry!”  and to those of you, who talk about me behind my back; question me; and think out loud or to others about how I should have done things differently.   GO, KEEP GOING… walk that way….. and keep walking; WAY OVER THERE.