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Florida High School Shooting & Mental Illness

17 Confirmed dead CNN BREAKING NEWS Students hiding in High School Shooting One of the issues in life that I am extremely passionate about is MENTAL ILLNESS! Facebook Link to my album Each one of us either has some form of mental illness, or love and care for someone who does. 


When you give someone the power to get close, come inside and watch the aura of your 🔥… and they throw water on it and put it out…it’s a sad feeling leaving you questioning everything, even humor… u feel so sad inside as if you’re your not just incomplete, your

Life, a Date like no other~

Yesterday was one of the toughest days of my life and it continues, but in a different way; One thing I thank God for; is the Peace he puts in my heart; in my spirit. After  our date last night, I received exactly what I needed. He is amazing; he always knows what I

Warning, it maybe time to reEVALUATE

So, my morning was abrupt to put it into any kind of realistic descriptive words. Gus is giving me huggins…as he wakes me~ The picture above, that’s a bedtime pic~ Let me tell you, in reality, I am gonna show you a more accurate picture of how mornings make me

LET Go Of Labels, Take Full-Responsibility, Self-Reflection, Stop the bad, & Feel the Power

I  ~Feel lost, have been incorrectly or falsely accused, have been abandoned by someone I love, have been lied to by someone I trusted, have been hurt by another who was supposed to care, have been cheated on by a love that wasn’t true, struggle with depression, struggle with allowing my spirit and energy to be depleted

Not a love story! #🏃 away

Temptations are everywhere and we are all cheaters in some form.  Think about it, what are YOU cheating yourself of in your life. Some people chose to cheat on their diet, their daily routine, their partner, the list goes on~ each time we do, what we fail to acknowledge~ is

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