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What is my price?

I have been asked, what is your price? What is your worth? For you have made him a little lower than the angels, and you have crowned him with glory and honor.  ~Psalm 8:5 NKJV Do you like yourself?   Do you feel you are living true to your souls

Neighbors, Nextdoor, women full of fear, 78213 Walmart 

Sometimes, A little humor in life, and a lot of God is what helps to get through life, find out what works for you and do it! In just the past few days… We had an extremely emotional issue in our family.  One of those earthshaking, we will get through

Do you believe me, do you believe YOU; are you fake or real?

Haters say I should keep my business to myself; haters say I should stop writing about my problems and face them. I face my problems, dissect them, and fix them. I write to let others in this world know that you are not alone; that is one of the harshest

Perfectly Imperfect

What is a defect? The lack of something necessary or desirable for completion or perfection; a deficiency: a visual defect! The definition of defect, that alone makes me want to question what is perfection? Perfection is supposedly without flaws. What is a flaw? a feature that mars the perfection of something; defect! “It

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