Kidney Stone Fight, Women, World Issues, Purpose, My Projects, Transforming, St. Matt’s ACTS, God’s Grace, Peace

Hadn’t really slept the past four days I know in my heart it’s time… I can’t fight my kidneys any longer, I will put an end to this. Passing 11 stones of various sizes and pain levels has taken its toll on me physically and mentally. Spending more than a

Work, Team work, Daily Struggles

This world we live in is so full of life stressors that we allow to fill our days with worry, and it seems the harder we try and work to get ahead; the more our souls are faced with opposition. My life has been full of emotions that have taken

YOU, need to read this; I am just a messenger…

So far,  since I came back from the wonderful Teen ACTS RETREAT approximately 2 weeks ago , I have had my own personal run in’s with family discord and finances~nothing major Thank God, however more tragically a good friend of mine ~ 14 year old son passed away, my other “like

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