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I hate you, thief!

Psychologically other human beings, situations, the world around us changes our brain and way of thinking. Ideas and beliefs are formed in ways that run so deep, it takes a hell of work to get over it, see it differently, and or change our thinking pattern. Growing up as a

My children, these days…

As parents we can be so hard on ourselves, for so many reasons that are completly unnecessary and benefit no one ! We need to realize that every single person on this earth, is here on this earth for a distinct purpose, we don’t even know our particular destiny, and

A Voice for the Children~

Do you ever feel like you have so much inside you need to get off your chest; do you feel like no one cares enough to take the time and make the effort to try and understand you because maybe you aren’t worth the time to them.  Do you feel

3rd grade Honey Creek Field Trip, Live to Run, God, Sky and its Contents, Teachers, Family, and Nature

Baby Jay Jay Tomas is extremely dear to my heart because he is my one and only little man/son. Since I was a child, I always imagined myself as a girly-girl type mama.  I had absolutely NO IDEA how I would begin to mother a son! I remember the anxiety

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