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Tattoos=bad girls+good girls, Women, Double standard, Videos, Blogging!

I got my first tattoo about six years ago on my birthday!  My best friend Gustavo suggested a tattoo artist named Joe Al.  I wanted to pick someone who was not only professional in their artistic design; but someone who I was sure was awesome with colors, angles, precision, proportions,

To my Offspring, Mommy says~

It seems from a very young age we begin to discover how difficult, uncomfortable, but yet so exciting, it is to venture out into “the new”…   New~relationships, projects, opportunities, school,  home, friends~ Changes??? The moment I begin to realize my backbone has been strengthened by all those things in

Letting go or holding on

I can’t help myself from looking back, I often do. Your dark bedroom I searched for love in. The smell of you, in your bed seemed so familiar even though I couldn’t understand why… You were in the other room while I was with him taking in all of your

Healing the Latina Within

Healing the Latina Within Dearest Ms. Walden, I was very excited about this final project; here I was already to begin my journey in my letters to my daughter. I went to the bookstore purchased the book by Alexandra Stoddard, “Things I Want My Daughters to Know,” and each time

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