Robert E Lee…

Over the last week or so their has been much debate over keeping the name of Robert E Lee at our local high school here in San Antonio.

I do have to say I’m extremely proud of my old high school, and feel like a rebel heart and soul. I loved my high school years, I loved my fellow students, I had many friends who o still consider special in my little black book of happiness. I can honestly say I liked the teacher’s, the dedication of all our clubs who many of my friends were a part of. I have especially fond memories of the Football team who kept us excited during the season and really played from the heart.

Keep the Name of Robert. E Lee High School Petition | GoPetition

Read this i received on Twitter before signing

I have never been one to jump on any cause without a lot of research and understanding. Please find out information on all sides before you make an informed decision.

Still researching –
Don’t ever do your self an injustice by jumping on any band wagon because everyone else is riding it. Educate yourself!!!

And then of course we always have the ones who have got the jokes !


Michele Renee