Tag: Poetry

circle of frustration

I am too much, I always look like the answer, I am the excitement one longed for; it is fast, surreal, and motivatingbut then as I become familiar you allow the darkness back in.  The darkness that you once allowed me to suppress; you, it wasn’t me; you gave me

Poetry, Sunday night is in bleak mode

  Life Sometimes it is just harsh! We learn that pretty early, usually from our siblings 😀 with love of course ! Lemons for kidney cleanse, Arnold Palmer that isn’t quite Arnold, just Tea for now but the sugarcane is real. All these feelings causing me to not want to

Letting go or holding on

I can’t help myself from looking back, I often do. Your dark bedroom I searched for love in. The smell of you, in your bed seemed so familiar even though I couldn’t understand why… You were in the other room while I was with him taking in all of your

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