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What happens when I pray!

I pray because everyday I sin. When I confess my sins the grace is overwhelming, I feel nothing but love. Wow, that is a powerful feeling, nothing compares. When I pray God gives me the ability to control my mind, my thoughts, my mood; fear is gone and lies no

No Faith, No Explanation Is Possible!

To: One Who Has Faith, no explanation is necessary.  To: One Without Faith, no explanation is possible.  When you find the beauty in a rising sun watching the colors, watching the blends radiate, when you feel the warmth of its rays you can’t help but to feel something inside your soul.

My spiritual journey began in Adoration

A little about me… I am a MOM of 3 kids… My oldest daughter Marisa , is 18 and the motivating factor I found my home again at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and connected with A.C.T.S. My middle child and favorite son, Jay is 10, he is a passionate gamer

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