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Florida High School Shooting & Mental Illness

17 Confirmed dead CNN BREAKING NEWS Students hiding in High School Shooting One of the issues in life that I am extremely passionate about is MENTAL ILLNESS! Facebook Link to my album Each one of us either has some form of mental illness, or love and care for someone who does. 

Sometimes, I am Thomas~

Call me Thomas! I feel like a hypocrite when I spend so much time encouraging others, lifting and amplifying positive energy when at times I allow myself to drown and be weighed down by my own fears and doubt. John 20:24 Thomas was not with the 12 disciples when Jesus

My spiritual journey began in Adoration

A little about me… I am a MOM of 3 kids… My oldest daughter Marisa , is 18 and the motivating factor I found my home again at St. Matthew’s Catholic Church and connected with A.C.T.S. My middle child and favorite son, Jay is 10, he is a passionate gamer


The rape was approximately,  thirteen years ago and I realize that I will have to live with the fact it will always live on in my head. Of course I don’t allow it to debilitate me when I’m fully aware, but when I’m not aware it can take over my

Healing the Latina Within

Healing the Latina Within Dearest Ms. Walden, I was very excited about this final project; here I was already to begin my journey in my letters to my daughter. I went to the bookstore purchased the book by Alexandra Stoddard, “Things I Want My Daughters to Know,” and each time

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