When it comes down to it, it’s all about PEACE!

It gets to a point when all the emotions about particular things have settled, that you can clearly see the reality of how things will be with a true conscious.  We can’t change people or make people want to try all we can do is accept things as they are.    When we stop trying to make things happen, we realize we feel less rigid and at the same time, we feel less paralyzed.

Life seems to be easier when we numb our selves and ignore what we don’t want to face, but the Lord seems to place more of that in our face because we were not made to stay in the same ways.  Life is not always calm and relaxed like we would want, life takes on a rhythm of its own.

Sometimes we do need to take a break, stand back from the whole situation to see what the situation really entails, and not just what our emotions are telling us the situation is about.  It is so easy to compare the current to the past due to our mentality.  I know, there are certain people in the past who have meant the world to me, but I had to let them go because they didn’t allow me to grow.  They didn’t want me to think any differently than what they wanted me to believe how things were supposed to be.  People who didn’t allow me to have beliefs of my own, or never appreciated the individuality of me or others.

The truth is, we are not going to like everybody in this world, there are certain people who were married into my family that it took me years to tolerate.  Why do we put up these barriers between our tribe?  Some of us come from different states, different backgrounds, and we decide we aren’t going to give them the time of day, or just press into our self how completely annoying they are to us.  Sometimes marriage brings a whole tribe of them and that can be overwhelming, and all of a sudden they are your sisters, brothers, or cousins.

What makes others feel they are so entitled to sit there and act like they are sacrificing so much because they are basically just sitting there and tolerating another human being who is brought into the pack by another member.  How about finding a deeper level of contemplation.  It isn’t easy, believe me, there are still some people I have to psyche myself up when I know they will be there, but I will try, I will always try for those I love.

NO, I wasn’t always so accepting, and some days; It still is a struggle, but it took a lot of years with God showing me I had to be.  I had to try and focus on the good of a person if I was really going to make a difference at all; and you know what my tribe deserves peace.  The world is full of so much bullying and hate, why do we keep it around our family and friends when we don’t have to?  Everyone is put in our lives to teach us something, we need to trust God’s plan and NOT act like we know more than he does.

When we realize what it is about others that bother us, we will truly see how much it reminds us of someone we truly love like a parent or even our own self.  Sometimes, we learn it is better to just leave people alone and that is one thing I have a hard time doing because I personally have issues with being left out by my own family.  It isn’t easy to let go or deal with others who stir our feelings of jealousy, envy, and overbearing people who are one of my nemesis.

Some people really don’t want that interaction, and that is where I am learning and will give them their space.  I know sometimes, I want my own space too; so that I can understand.

We have pieces of situations, bits of our own past always come to play, and bits of unrecognizable new information that we need to try and understand to form a new puzzle; solving a puzzle is never easy but it is truly worth it for all involved when things at least start to make sense.


I gave birth to a struggle today~

I gave birth to a struggle today, and left that baby at the firehouse!

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I always follow my blog stats and my articles talking about God are never big hits, but let me have some hard times and vent and make a fool of myself and those stats start booming. ~ human nature I guess… so I am not expecting this article to get many hits; but those of you who read this may need it just as much as I do!

Today I need strength, and no matter how hard I try to look for those things that build me up, strong, and firm out in this world, it always is extremely temporary. I find peace in those who seem to hold me sincere, but a lot of those who have, can just as easily let me go…

People who have meant the world to me have betrayed me, but it doesn’t take long to come to the realization that I as a human being are subject to the same human fault whether it is intentional or not. It really makes me think about how hollow we as human beings can be, and how its easier to just let people go, blame them and not work together.


I remember times I felt lonely and found myself more willing to settle for the company I invited which in effect only caused me to feel so disrespected until I finally started realizing I was the one who was really hurting myself.


I struggle today because I have such a strong yearning to be so much more than a miserable angry human and some days I feel sad as if I am fighting against a world that doesn’t understand Love, Truth, and laughs at the idea of lighting the earth with Peace. Life is so hard, people attack, situations happen, people we love disappear and become strangers, people we need have their own needs, people we meet are not who they seem to be, sometimes we are looking~ looking and searching for our purpose and it seems the world around me is playing mind games, people are angry, mean, and think “winning” is shitting on everybody else. What are you winning, a shit parade?


For some reason, we are teaching each other that if we aren’t hot, mean, and on guard then we will be taken down. We will never achieve peace if we are busy fighting; the only way to find Peace is to be still; so if we need to find it in our own life; if we really feel we are just so out of sync and fighting battle after battle; it is so important to be still~ you will find that Peace; I do it with prayer.

What happens when I pray!

Everybody acts like they don’t care what other people think yet we have a world of followers, ready to follow all the people the world says are cool by their own screwed up standards. People are so afraid to be taken advantage of once again and again that they give with conditions, strings attached. I remember my good ol’Auntie told me once, “Don’t ever loan money to someone you love and care about, and if you do you have to give it not expecting it back because if they don’t give it back it will ruin your relationship.”

I have often felt very proud of my loyalty only to find myself a lot of times feeling like a fool because of it.

I think one of the first lessons on my current journey is realizing that I am NOT my emotions, what ever it is I sense and perceive is based on so many factors and sometimes huge lies that the world will have me believe is the truth based on my own current and past experiences. Learning how to get out of the mind, and be free for the only time that really matters, the only time I am sure of, the present moment. Stopping the inner emotions, feelings, making them be silent is the best time to understand and that is when you will find wisdom.


In fact one candle, that lights another can create enough light for more to see!

All the things we were schooled to believe, to work hard to obtain… bigger, better, fancier… for what to impress people you really do not even like; how about realizing the contents you hold have little to no meaning. How about understanding that you are not living a life, but you are LIFE. You are the powerful vessel that will put the existence or disappearance of all things into your world. Accept the present as IS, don’t complain about how it should be or was supposed to be; but accept the present and always intend for a great tomorrow.


I need a powerful squad, the most powerful in existence fighting such a cruel world, I need to remember that nothing can strengthen me that is out in this world; only God can give me and empower me within.

Search for the Lord and for His strength, seek his family always~

Psalm 105:4-5

God promises to give us strength in any and all situations and this is exactly what has kept me so close to him, he never disappoints he is always there when I stop and allow him ~ I can feel the Holy Spirit fill my soul with a much-needed peace. The amazing thing is when I ask I am no longer confused, I am sure and secure he gives me the answers and guides my steps; and I trust him.


Even with the truth I forget who will never let me down, the devil fights hard to put doubt in my mind; but he/she will NEVER win!


Today’s blog is a simple reminder to all my loved ones, my supporters those reading this~if you are going through anything that is hard for you; God’s hand will uplift your doubtful soul turn your heart to him, and just talk to him.


Don’t rely on the judgments of the world, if someone doesn’t like me I can’t dislike them for their poor judgment, nor would I blame a blind person for not appreciating my physical attributes?


The other purpose of this blog is to remind you of the importance of wearing God’s Armor! My spiritual journey began in Adoration !

If I want LOVE, I need to just be me, not the protective, defensive, emotional person I have learned to be… but the person who is true, loyal, friendly, funny, insightful, understanding, down to earth, and giving…. when I am me, I feel the love!

I began this blog feeling lost and fearful, silencing myself and remembering the truth always works; I hope you feel better than before this read.



A Tree with Strong Roots laughs at storms


It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. 
Artwork by Gustavo S Montiel III The Actual Third
The first impressions i received when taking in this wonderful piece… The strength that the picture conveys.
It’s as if the neck is made of sturdy solid wood, representing a strong sturdy tree trunk which signifies such growth stems from deep story type telling bitter roots.


When I think about all the things I am feeling from this particular piece of your artwork, I am proud of both, the growth of you as in individual and as an artist.


I love how everything seems to be branching out in an upward pattern, which really demonstrates your willingness to always aim for growth in a positive upward fashion,  even if we don’t always immediately go with that approach; there is nothing stagnant about this piece of art or the artist.
 You are brave, and have little fear; when it comes to love whatever it takes to get the blossom you are in.  I admire your bravery I know you will stand up for me if I can’t stand on my own; that is what love does and from that blossoms the most beautiful significant never dying blossom, respect.
Even the gaze in the yellow stare depicts a search for enlightenment, and a greater understanding.   wpid-fb_img_1441475308495.jpg
Where do we get the answers to that we want to understand?  Which ones will we adopt, which ones will we abandon, understanding is a never ending process.
Nature holds so much direction to the truth, the colors alive in our life~  in this piece the colors used are deeply connected to nature, trees, wisdom, time, this picture shows your ready for spiritual growth, ready to change like a season but this time with more wisdom the beautiful gift time allows. 

The hair is green which gives an energy of life that is transferred into the birth of leaves.  Leaves are in abundance in this piece, and as they extend from the powerful creation they represent there are no limitations, I love knowing we can have every possibility we can imagine to change our lives for the better each day.  If we don’t like something about our life just like our hair, we can cut it off and change it.


I hope that when your eyes look out and search for light you will always see the brightest light in me.  A positive bright spirit is how I want you to recognize I am near, that reminds you just how VITAL and influential you are to me and I am to you. I hope to forever inspire you to be the best you that you can be for each and every moment you are alive. I hope to always liberate you with the gift of freedom, free to be all you are, and all you can be without restraining you for my or any- body else’s selfish reasons.


I pray tonight, God please give me all the ingredients to nurture Gustavo Sergio Montiel Jr. the III to continue just as he is, perfectly imperfect.  I pray for the strength to continue prospering while he heals all his past wounds, and those wounds that have turned into thorns and strong horns that have been a weapon to keep people away.  I pray for his strong branches that they will continue to allow people he has trusted to continue to show him people can be trusted.  I pray that he will or learn to love and trust his own self and allow those thorns to be a place where trust can begin to be permanently anchored!

wpid-images3.jpgI pray I always make him aware of my gratitude for his greatness, the differences he holds, continue to encourage his giving nature, his caring ways, and selflessness. I pray he knows and trust how much I admire him,  he holds so many great qualities that continue to be my personal reminder of those I need to consistently work on. Gustavo has been an empowering tree trunk, I am thankful for his protective nature that reminds me that our family is safe in his care. His protection is important to me and to the kids, when I am innocent and naive I am thankful his wisdom and strength of reality that shields US from many of the harsh realities of the World!!!!  In Jesus name I pray, AMEN! 


I am grateful that you accept my innocence and allow it; thank you for loving all sides of who I am.
We both understand that we are renewed from the inside. So much of the yellow in your art shows that activation energized within. Love the open vessel open heart that seems to be working in the chest area exactly where it would be in the tree center vessel.


 I appreciate your latest piece of art…keep at it; and please sharing!

Just like roots… Your thoughts and feelings are deep; and it radiates in all we do!

Michele Renee

Updated: Comment from the artist Gustavo:

Often as I’m working on a piece the image is formed and the idea is there however how it actually ends up is always a mystery even to me. I have done quite a many self portraits or at least what I envision myself to be. It’s the most recognizable image I know and the inner workings of our own self is who we should know best before we can even try to understand those who orbit our existence. Often when a perspective from an observer and such an intimate one at that, it provides a whole different dimension that it is refreshing and empowering. I often miss the very things that someone as yourself has taken the time to analyze one of my paintings. I had to reteach myself on what to use as a catalyst for my creative inspiration often I was to quick to use sorrow or anger as the subject of my work. Anxiety, fear was a recurring theme how ever when you find yourself at peace, in harmony and with a renewed vision then those theme still exist however there is presence of hope and a desire for growth and a bravado that moves you to create.
I’m thankful that you inspire me to be a new creature with different behaviors. Keep inspiring me and keep praying for us as we journey together through this maze we call life.