Writing for Women Wednesday


Marisa said she wants to move out~~~

My daughter Marisa is 19, a MOTHER of an ADULT WTF

80+ Grandma is love

Words for the EX

ADORATION, My Spiritual Journey

WOMEN Jesus MIsses You, ACTS

ACTS, Gods Grace Women ,Worlds Obtacles

Parenting a Teen Daughter

Let go of men who bring you down!

My Mama Today is her Birthday!

First Day back to School for Kids, New Friends, and some Anxiety

Stepmothers and Stepmonsters

Marisa, hair color, love, Let Go Already You’re ready


Perfectly Imperfect


Change your life! By-Choosing happier living

Grandma Darling-my sweet grandma died

Only-Nicki Minaj~ Review

Not-a-love-story-RUN away


Hater Advice

Supreme Courts decision-on-marriage-equality

Mothering~ Marisa

2nd Marriage, Cheating, Socrates, & Gus


Bye Bye Baby

A.C..T.S Retreat, Love Letter to my daughter

Attacks and Defense

Leaving the Beaten Path

True Friends! To my daughter~

Healing the Latina Within

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